Resignation Letter Template

               A resignation letter or 2 weeks’ notice letter, is a way to formally let an employer know that you will be leaving the organization. It is often a one-page document written in printed or digital format. GPetrium’s Resignation Letter Template helps individuals craft their resignation by providing the structure, simplicity and space to personalize their resignation letter.

resignation letter in excel with sample

The path to resign

              Resignations are a common occurrence due to a variety of reasons, with annual rates of seven to nine percent in the US and Western Europe. Before explaining how to fill out the template, it is important to understand the path to resignation:

  1. Plan when, why, how and goals of resigning.
    • When will you resign?
    • Why are you resigning?
    • How do you intend to resign?
    • What are the goals that should come from resigning? Career progression or shift? Lifestyle changes?
  2. Reach out to the supervisor.
    Set-up a face-to-face meeting if possible, to let the supervisor know that you will be resigning.
  3. Hand out a formal letter of resignation [Paper or digital format].
  4. Work with supervisor to begin work transition.
  5. Let the relevant parties know of the changes with the guidance of the supervisor.
  6. Maintain work activities according to the work transition plan.
  7. Provide training and documentation to the relevant parties.
  8. Refrain from office politics and pandering.
  9. Provide the organization with feedback on the exit interview.
  10. Plan to stay connected with coworkers where appropriate.

Resignation Letter - Word Document

               This is a one-page word document that allows users to rapidly fill-out key company, user, personal blurb and resignation information. Download the Resignation Letter in word and fill in all segments containing [#######].

Resignation letter in word image

Resignation Letter - Excel

               The resignation letter in excel is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to fill out the relevant information in the boxes (right side of image) and have your resignation letter filled and ready to print or pdf.

resignation letter in excel with sample

Using the Resignation Letter in Excel

               In the boxed sections, you are required to fill out the relevant Employee, Employer, Resignation Info and Additional Feedback. Bellow is the explanation for each segment.

resignation letter in excel input boxes


  1. Name: Your full name used by the employee to process any internal requests.
  2. Street Address: Current user address
  3. Region: City and State / Province.
  4. Contact Info: Telephone, E-mail address or another method for the organization to reach out to you. This can be seen as a goodwill step or simply a way to reach out in case there are issues in the Resignation process. If you prefer not to have it, write NA and the solution will leave it blank.
  5. Today’s Date: Automatically fills today’s date. If the date of writing is different from the date of sending it to the supervisor or HR, change it accordingly.
  6. Position: The user’s position within the organization.


  1. Name: Fill out the organization’s name.
  2. Street Address: Current business address.
  3. Region: City and State / Province where the employer is situated.
  4. Contact Info: Telephone, E-mail address or another method of communication to the organization. It is possible to leave it blank by writing NA as depicted in the image above.
  5. Supervisor Name: Name of the supervisor to the writer of the resignation letter

Resignation Info

  1. Notice period: A drop-down list that contains a range of periods that the resignee will or is willing to provide the organization. The options are: 0 days, 1 week, 2 weeks’ notice, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months. Please note that in most countries, it is common to provide 2 weeks’ notice. It may be at the employer’s discretion to end the relationship earlier; they may also request more time and it is usually in your discretion to accept or not.
  2. Termination Date: Auto-populated date of termination based on Today’s Date and Noticed Period.

Additional Feedback

               This is a space in cell D22 that allows the resignee to write a short 140 to 230 characters personalized response to the Resignation Letter.

Print or PDF

               To print or create a PDF version of a filled-out resignation letter, press CTRL+P or go to File->Print. Then, below Printer, choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ or the relevant printer.

Resignation Letter - Q&A

Is there a difference between a Letter of Resignation and a 2 Weeks’ Notice Letter?

              No. Both are the same, with the exception that a Letter of Resignation may have a different notice period.

Why is it common to give 2 weeks’ notice? Why some will have none and others may require more time?

               2 weeks’ notice is perceived to be a good balance between attempting to give the employer enough time to transition work without incurring an undue burden on a resignee’s plans or activities. In some countries or regions such as Australia, giving a certain amount of weeks’ notice can be mandatory in some circumstances.

               Some people may decide to give the employer no notice when their relations reached rock bottom. The organization may also prefer to end the relationship ASAP if it perceives the employee’s continual activities to be detrimental to its ongoing operations (e.g. security concerns).

               Other people and employers may like to have more than 2 weeks’ notice to ensure that they are given enough time to hire, document and transition activities from the resignee. It is usually more common for managers and executives to give a longer notice period since they may be more likely to be at the organization for longer, having accrued more knowledge of the organization and having a more sizeable impact on personnel and company strategy.

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