Volunteer Database Management

Let the Volunteer Database Management tool support your company in managing volunteer onboarding and offboarding efforts by properly tracking data, increasing accountability, and transparency. The excel solution facilitates volunteer information management together with onboarding and offboarding procedures. The tool is designed to easily track relevant information that supports employee onboarding and offboarding while also tracking volunteer engagement, dedicated hours, and team lead’s workload.


Data Visualization Insights

Take charge of your staff growth by managing and monitoring resource allocation across region, departments, projects, and leads.

Enhance Quality Control

Enhance the quality and consistency of your volunteer onboarding and offboarding procedure through data analytics and controls.

Premium Volunteer Dashboard
Premium Volunteer Dashboard v2
Premium Volunteer Database
Volunteer on-boarding procedure

Process Optimization

Enhance volunteer onboarding and offboarding procedures for better staff engagement and to protect company assets and information.


Maintain consistency of your volunteer onboarding and offboarding procedure for enhance quality control and consistency.

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          GPetrium’s Volunteer Database Management tool is a cost-efficient solution for Small and Medium sized businesses that features:



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