Educators Administrative Tracker

Join others who have taken the next step to save countless hours and help propel their student’s education experience.


Student Grade Management

Support your students' academic career by incorporating this easy to use grade management solution with semi-automatic features and data visualization.

Lesson Plans

Stay on top of your plans and ensure consistency throughout your classes by having it all in one place with these easy to use lesson plan templates.

Attendance Management

Easily track and analyze class and individual student attendance with the assistance of data visualization.

Classroom Project Randomizer

Assigning group projects doesn't have to be messy! This project randomizer solution randomly picks student groups so you don't have to!

School Incident Report

The tool features an easy to use, save, and print incident report form that can be customized to incorporate your desired information.

No Monthly fees

Student class management does not have to be complicated or break the bank. This easy to use solution in Excel can simplify your administrative burden and augment your ability to be a better professional.

Data Visualization Insights

Unlock your ability to quickly and easily interpret students’ grade information per assignment and in total with data visualization.

Personalize to your business needs

Instead of learning multiple software, take advantage of the knowledge you already have by using Excel to save hundreds of hours every year while gaining further insight in the classroom.

Manage and Control

Take control of student grades in a single, simple and effective place

Student Grade Manager

Attendance Management

Don't Leave Attendance Behind

Take both grading and attendance to greater heights with data, visualization and clarity!

Privacy in Mind

The solution is completely in your hands, whether you want to keep it on a computer/laptop or in the cloud.

School Incident Report

Fill Incident Reports as needed

Easily fill out and print the Incident report whenever it is needed.

Lesson Plans

Take Lesson Plan to the next step

Whether you like to plan lessons out of the bigger picture, at a more granular level or both. The Education Tracker has what you need.

Automate Project Teams

No more complaints about project grouping! Use the solution’s student group generation solution and sort your student into however many groups you would like.

Classroom Project Randomizer

Easy Navigation

Managing student and class information doesn’t have to be hard. Make use of our user-friendly navigation capabilities.

Educators Administrative Tracker Printable

Print Anywhere

Facilitate student-teacher and teacher-parent conversation by easily printing reports that are based on class and student data in order to provide more insight and depth into the discussion.

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Parent Tracking

Helps educators keep track of their encounter with parents, helping to drive a tailored solution to the student’s needs.

School Expenditure Track

Every educator spends money to support their teachings. Keep track of all expenses and reimbursements.

Fundraising Management

Keep track of school related fundraisers to help support student and school related work.

Frequently asked questions

Most of the templates were built in MS Office 2019 or the latest version of other respective software. For MS Office, templates should work in anything from 2013 to today. Slicers functionality applies to Excel 2010 onward, Map Charts comes from Excel 2016 and so forth. The more complex the template is, the higher probability that some functionalities may not work. GPetrium encourages all users to experiment with the free version prior to getting the premium ones.

This is a three-pronged question, so it will be divided likewise:

  • From a website standpoint, we use HTTPS to secure communication between both parties, strong cybersecure passwords & internal protocols coupled with tools to manage and monitor security issues.
  • Our payment processing occurs via Stripe and the bank of choice tied to your account. The companies we work with have a global presence in their respective industries.
  • Every template that we create follow a stringent development protocol to safeguard it from security risks. Our excel templates are all non-VBA (with exception of specific custom tailoring) to lower cybersecurity related concerns.

Our templates are tested on Windows desktop. Although some functionalities may not be serviceable in other platforms, we do our best to build greatness under simplicity. Client have yet to raise issues regarding use on Linux, Apple or mobile version.

Our offerings do not include an MS Office, Power BI and any other trademarked license.

By purchasing the commercial version of the tool, 3 licenses are given in perpetuity to your company, which means your user licenses will never expire. As such, 3 employees will be able to use the tool as per our licensing agreement. In other words, should you have 6 employees in your team, 2 purchases of the commercial version of the tool should be made for everyone to benefit from the tool. This version of the tool is intended for corporate clients, whereas the Premium version is a single license intended for personal use only.

We take every step we can to safeguard you and ourselves. To guarantee the quality and legitimacy of our services, please make sure to only download our products and contact us via our website. If you have any question, please Contact Us

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