The Agile HR Department

Traditionally, the HR department was governed by stiff protocols that were meant to instil policy alignment, control, and facilitate vertical structures. This style has been under scrutiny by the business community in recent years. To bring human resources into the digital age, Agile has been identified by some as an ideal solution to create the right incentives necessary to ensure company success, even if partially implemented.

Pursuing Agility

Pursuing Agility Brief Agility means to be able to move quickly regardless of the adversity at hand. Agility can have an impact on all levels, from the individual, to group or organization. The five main agility segments are: Individual Agility, Team Agility, Technical Agility, Process Agility and Enterprise Agility. Understanding Read more…

Sprint Planning Tool

Sprint Planning Template Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on whatsapp Brief Free agility sprint planning excel tool designed for individuals and small teams to help during their sprint planning process, allowing them to track their current progress. User friendly and eye-catching tool Read more…

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