Our vision

In an era where individuals fear disruption, we believe businesses have to challenge their traditional way of operating and give way to new ideas, critical thinking and innovation.

GPetrium aims to bridge the gap between your business and critical thinking by leveraging disruptive thinking to promote business innovation.

2020: The Future of Cybersecurity in The Next Decade

Technological innovation promises to reshape the world in ways society can’t even imagine. As it continuous to integrate and reshape the lives of 7.8 billion of people that are living on this planet, new unforeseen challenges are bound to occur.

Customer Relationship Management Excel

GPetrium offers a CRM system on Microsoft Excel - helping organizations decrease labor costs, enhance customer engagement and increase sales. A relatively simple solution created to help businesses gain control of their CRM and to automate some of the steps to cut down CRM cost.

Cyber Security Guidelines for Businesses

Are small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) doing enough to protect their cyber environment? In this article, we will look at costs associated with data breach and how to create a resilient cyber environment for SMBs.

Canadian Adult Education Spending: Data Analysis

Data can be found almost anywhere, but unfortunately, it is often in an unstructured and unpolished way, which can diminish its values to stakeholders. Through data analysis, we will take a deeper look at Canadian Adult Education expenses by analysing provincial expenditure, the Canadian GDP, and the Canadian unemployment rate.

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